The road so far...

From our humble beginnings, we are guided by our strong desire to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, and make an international impact on the developement of crypto and blockchain technologies.


Julien Gourlet founded ILIUM as a cryptocurrency mining company.


Using our mining experience, we developed Cruxpool, our homemade mining pool that we successfully launched on Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) pools.


Expansion of our mining operations and evolution of our mining pools as ILIUM is now a team of 4 crypto enthusiasts.


We decided to stop our mining operations in order to fully dedicate ourselves to our flagship project, Cruxpool. Ravencoin (RVN) and Beam (BEAM) pools added to the initial mining offer. Tech team continued its development to support our new scope and projects.


Launch of Ergo (ERG) as our new mining product. Launch of staking solution (Proof of Stake) on Ethereum. The ILIUM team has been reinforced with 10 new talents.


Launch of our homemade mining software, Pickminer. Flux (FLUX), Firo (FIRO) and Ethereum Proof of Work (ETHW) joined our list of mining products. ILIUM’s stacking activities got DASP certified. From Dec. 22, Bitcoin (BTC) was successfully added to our mining offer.

Hold tight, as there are loads more on the way that you’ll be sure to love!

We are currently building the future of crypto with our vision and mission

We believe that cryptocurrency is inevitable, the revolution has started and we want to be by your side on your journey to discover the potential of this technology.

grid with vision write on it
grid with mission write on it

Most people fear what they don't understand, and cryptocurrencies are no exception to the rule. We want to provide solutions and create opportunities for people to understand, trust and use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis in order to improve their own wealth.

The team

ILIUM is made of experts who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We aim at sharing our passion with as many people as possible and promote crypto and blockchain mass adoption.

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Julien Gourlet Ilium blockchain employee
Julien Gourlet

Founder & CEO

Ludovit Martonyik Ilium blockchain employee
Ludovit Martonyik

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolas Rume Ilium blockchain employee
Nicolas Rume

Chief Sales Officer

Bilel Belkahla Ilium blockchain employee
Bilel Belkahla

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthieu Chemin Ilium blockchain employee
Matthieu Chemin

UI / UX Designer

Stéphane Scheeres Ilium blockchain employee
Stéphane Scheeres

Front-End Developer

Baptiste Mourey Ilium blockchain employee
Baptiste Mourey

Junior Business Developer

Alan Bénier Ilium blockchain employee
Alan Bénier

DevOps Engineer

David Leroy Ilium blockchain employee
David Leroy

Back-End Developer

Cyril Louisin Ilium blockchain employee
Cyril Louisin

Blockchain Hardware Developer

Quentin Morvan Ilium blockchain employee
Quentin Morvan

System Engineer

Nicolas Adam Ilium blockchain employee
Nicolas Adam

Technical Project Manager

Ayoub Ech Chamali Ilium blockchain employee
Ayoub Ech Chamali

Back-End Developer

Chloé Varesano Ilium blockchain employee
Chloé Varesano

Digital Marketing Specialist

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